Host & Moderator service

The host can make the performers relax and the crowd to enjoy themselves

In events, people easily forget what was said, but they never forget how they felt. Our passion is to help you in creating unique and memorable events with nice ambience.

Mastering the microphone and creating good vibes is not enough. We are happy to support you also during the planning process.

How we do it


Are you missing speakers or engaging content? Are you pondering technical details? In the planning phase we give you examples on other events and link you to the best experts in event organizing.

Our host will contact all speakers and panel discussion members prior to the event and discuss the presentation contents and event practicalities.

In the event

Our host creates a relaxed and open ambiance to promote interaction between the presentators and the audience. Host also takes care of the schedule, overall security and if necessary, helps with the presentation technology. If the program features panel discussions, host will moderate them. Our host will also tweet about presentations with event hashtags so that event organisers and participants can retweet them.

After the event

We provide you with a summary of the event and give development recommendations based on observations and feedback.

Bitte quality promise

Events in schedule with relaxed audience and speakers!

Host and moderator service

  • Planning: program scheduling
  • Contacting presentators
  • Sharing marketing messages prior to the event
  • Checking the premises and the security plan
  • Hosting and moderating the event
  • Content creation in Twitter with event hashtags
  • Summary of the event with recommendations


2 hour event from 590€
4 hour event from 1190€
8 hour event from 1990€

You will always get an itemized offer with a fixed project price. Ask for quatation!

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