Trade show training

Learn how to create quality sales leads 

Our trade show training is compact, full of personal experiences and always 100% powerpoint free.

We tailor each training for the company and participants. This way we ensure that the training is relevant and gives everyone tools to truly master active lead generation with confidence.

How we do it


Two weeks before the training you will receive three assignments. They help you to prepare for the trade show you’re about to attend. The assignments will be discussed during the training, too. In addition, you will get your personal copy of the guide “Trade Show Success – Practical Tips for Staff”.


Working at the trade show is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. This is why the core of the training is a trade show simulation. This learning by doing method will give all participants personal “A-ha!” moments and help them to apply techniques in the next trade show.

Wrap up

Wrap up session is held after the team has participated a trade show. The aim of the session is to discuss personal trade show experiences, reinforce the most productive ways of generating sales leads and help the team to improve the trade show marketing process.

Bitte quality

100% powerpoint free training with proven results

Trade show training

  • Orientation: tailored assignments and a hands-on guide
  • Training: 3h simulation including personal feedback
  • Wrap up: the action points and way forward with trade shows
  • Language options: Finnish, English, Swedish, German


2-4 participants: 1 790 €
5-8 participants: 3 580 €
9-12 participants: 5 390 €

Prices include the tailoring of the materials, training day with the simulation, space rental, refreshments and communications. VAT and travel and accommocation costs are excluded.

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